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     Twenty-year old Raja is from Vizag. He is a gem of a person. He loves to study and is a degree student. But he has no peace at home ... The reason is his alcoholic father and the problems the father creates for his mother. Her name is Seetha, and like the Seetha in the epic Ramayana, she too learns to put up with problems. Raja is against this attitude -he hates his father but tolerates him for his mother's sake.

   Raja's classmate is Maithry, daughter of a multi-millionaire. She is both caring and fun loving. She sympathizes with Raja for his problems.

   One day Raja goes to Maithry's home and asks her to fetch his kite, stuck on her house terrace. She then sees his troubled thoughts written on the kite. She is disturbed, and subsequent events brings them close to each other.

   They dream of a future together, but fate decides otherwise and separates them. It creates hurdles between them, and their story takes many turns. How fate bring them back together is the happy ending of ANDAM.